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Alberta - Trees of Joy
Alberta DIY
British Columbia - Trees of Joy 2019
British Columbia - Wishes Come True Gala
British Columbia DIY
Manitoba DIY
National - WeldCor
New Brunswick DIY
Newfoundland - National Ball Hockey Championships
Newfoundland DIY
Nova Scotia - 89.3 K-Rock Radiothon
Nova Scotia - 96.5 31 Days
Nova Scotia - Howard and Karen's 60th Birthday
Nova Scotia DIY
Ontario - Criss Cross Pilates Karma Yoga
Ontario - Heroes Challenge
Ontario - Holiday Campaign
Ontario - Jo-Anne's Tree
Ontario - Making Wishes Come True
Ontario - Ottawa Trees of Joy
Ontario - Springfree Trampolines
Ontario - Tim Brunt’s Christmas Fundraising
Ontario - Toronto Trees of Joy
Ontario - Trees of Joy Agius
Ontario - WatServ Donations 2019
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