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We are making a difference - together!

Funday Sunday is an annual fundraising BBQ hosted by the Triconi family in Beaconsfield for our family and friends with 100% of proceeds going to a worthy cause.  Funday Sunday began in 2002 to benefit Pedal For Kids for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  In 2008 we partnered with the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and began sponsoring wishes. For a family whose child is fighting a life-threatening illness, sometimes the power, hope and courage that a wish bring can make all the difference in the world. Wishes work wonders, and every gift matters!

Funday Sunday 2018 is for Tania, 18 years old, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3.  She enjoys swimming, listening to music, drawing with her friends, and aspires to make movies.  Her wish is to travel to Venice. She has had a growing fascination with Venice and how people can live in a city of water.  Tania’s favorite foods are Italian dishes and the thought of spending a week in Venice would be a dream come true!  She chose to wait until now to realize her wish to be sure that she would remember it for her whole life!