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Im Julie MacInnes, a three-time cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 3B (meaning the cancer had spread to other parts of my body) at 12 years old. Because of my medical situation, I missed out on many things most healthy kids get to experience. I received a life-altering 'Make a Wish' trip, and now, feel compelled to give back.

  Scars may heal, blood counts may normalize, years may pass. But never again will the simple act of waking up to a normal, boring day as a healthy individual be taken for granted, nor go unappreciated.

As a child with cancer, I had to grapple with big questions quickly: the meaning of life, the real possibility that I could die, and with the most important question - did my friends at school still even remember me? I missed over a year of school during this fight for my life. My immune system very suppressed throughout my chemotherapy treatments, multiple surgeries, and radiation treatments.

 I did catch secondary infections, such as pneumonia and shingles throughout my treatment, which impacted my survival probability.

During this Coronavirus outbreak, I think of all these immune compromised children just like I was. Dealing with cancer, or a life-altering disease, is already hard enough. I know, because shingles is largely caused by stress! No 12 year old child should ever be that stressed out. And I can only imagine the stress these families are going through right now.

Sometimes, real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”

What you realize during these health crises is that the moments that matter most in life are those that feel magical, like youre contributing to something bigger, and when youre surrounded by those you love.

When I got my Make A Wish trip to DisneyLand with my whole family - I felt seen. Many people out in the world truly witnessed my fight for my life as a child. And they wanted to help give me a piece of my childhood back.

During a time when the charitable sector is being hit hard and children are going through more stress and heartache than they ever should, lets support the magic and wonder of childhood, for these children.

Once this virus is all said and done, it is these children that deserve this, more than ever. Join me in my Miss World Canada fundraiser for Childrens Wish Foundation and Make a Wish!

Join me in my Miss World Canada fundraiser for Children’s Wish Foundation and Make a Wish!